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First class training

We permanently offer tailor-made training vocations and courses for numerous exciting specialist fields - and we are adding new ones every year! Our focus here lies on the targeted and sustainable selection of vocations and courses according to interest, predisposition and suitability.

Great prospects

We work where others take their holidays - namely in Neunburg vorm Wald. Cities such as Regensburg, Amberg and Weiden are just a stone’s throw away, and the landscape of Neunburg and the surrounding area has a lot to offer. Perhaps it is also because F.EE has been experiencing an incomparable success story since 1982 and remains on a growth path. Our trainees and dual students have been among the best in their year for a long time now, and have received numerous awards. In 2019, we were awarded the title of best training company for the vocation “electronics technician - automation technology” for the seventh consecutive time.

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  • Variety makes it
    At F.EE you are spoilt for choice. We offer numerous different training vocations and courses. Discover your dream job!
  • A stable foundation
    With training or dual studies at F.EE, you lay the cornerstone for your professional advancement and your career. You can build on this.
  • Financial independence
    Through your training or studies remuneration and the special benefits paid by F.EE you gain your independence and you are able to fulfil your desires.
  • Put theory into practice
    Practical relevance is a top priority for us. You get stuck into practical work immediately, and you can apply your theoretical knowledge perfectly in your everyday work.
  • High training quality
    At F.EE we thrive on quality - also in training. It is not without reason that have we been acclaimed as the best electronic engineering training company for the seventh time in succession.
  • You are not alone
    There is always someone - among our current 102 F.EE trainees and dual students - that you can ask. And learning in a team is also much more fun.
  • Get to know other areas
    In the last year of training or during the practical semester, you are often given the opportunity of changing department and trying out other areas.
  • Space for the future
    We also offer future prospects after your education or course has finished. We will support you with advanced and further education where we can.
  • Every possibility
    Many of our current managers started at F.EE with an entirely standard education. Anyone ambitious can carve out a career with us.
  • The world is your oyster
    At F.EE you have the opportunity of working in a leading and internationally active high-tech company with branch offices worldwide.

Training flyer

An overview of further information, all training vocations and study courses, as well as helpful tips and interesting insights can also be found in our training flyer.
It also provides you with a more detailed introduction to F.EE as a company, and to the further education opportunities with us.



Evelyn Schütz, training supervisor

"I take care of all organisational aspects associated with training, dual studies and student internships. There are many exciting things to discover with us! You can meet our current trainees in advance at education fairs and event days, and ask them about their jobs. Simply write to me via the contact field if you have any further questions about us, our vocations or technical school - I will be happy to help you!"

Our awards have been speaking for themselves for years now.

Taking a break means standing still - we want to improve every year.

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