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Internship - decision - go!

Student interns gain an initial realistic impression of the tasks that await them in their subsequent profession. This allows you to gain diverse experience working on tasks that you are partly also able to undertake autonomously. In this way you can put your preferred field of work to the acid test. This is important, because your training and vocation should be enjoyable!

You can try out these vocational fields during an internship!

-  Technical product designer,
-  Precision mechanic specialising in machine construction,
-  Precision mechanic specialising in machining,
-  Industrial mechanic,
-  Electronics technician specialising in automation technology,
-  Electronics technician specialising in energy and building services engineering,
-  Specialist in storage logistics.



We require these documents:

  • Brief motivational letter detailing your desired vocational field for the internship, as well as the possible internship time frame.
  • CV with applicant photo and details of your date of birth, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • The last two school reports and if applicable internship references, etc.