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We want to make real careers possible and promote them right from the start - our training rate has been above 10% for many years and our awards speak for themselves. The recipe for success: We introduce our trainees to the exciting tasks of the respective occupational fields in industrial automation in a targeted and step-by-step manner.

Current training vocations

Electronics technician (m/f/d)

Electronics technician (m/f/d) specialising in automation technology

Do you love automation technology as much as we do? As an electronics technician for automation technology (m/f/d), you will be right there when complex industrial systems are planned, built and automated. During your training, you will learn how the individual components and systems work and analyse their interrelationships.

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Industrial electrician (m/f/d)

Industrial electrician (m/f/d) – field of study: industrial engineering

Are you searching for an electrifying and energetic vocational training? Then you are in good hands as an industrial electrician (m/f/d) in our "Elektrotech Engineering" branch! During your two-year training, you will learn everything you need to know about working with electrical plants and systems.

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Precision mechanic (m/f/d)

Precision mechanic (m/f/d) specialising in machine construction & machining

Are you interested in technical aspects and working with all kinds of metalls? Then an Apprenticeship as a Precision Mechanic (m/f/d) is just the right thing for you! You will literally let the swarf fly with the numerous exciting tasks in our "Automation Robotics" sector!

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Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

Industrial mechanic (m/f/d) specialising in machine construction

As an industrial mechanic (m/f/d) you are a specialist in the assembly and commissioning of systems. This is where your technical understanding, concentration and precision work are most in demand. As you can see, you really have your hands busy during your training and learn everything you will need to know in your future working life.

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Technical product designer (m/f/d)

Technical product designer (m/f/d) specialising in facilities

As a technical product designer (m/f/d), you literally let virtuality and reality merge. Before a machine, a system or a workpiece can be built, a CAD model (CAD = Computer Aided Design) is created, which contains all the necessary information for production.

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IT specialist (m/f/d)

IT specialist (m/f/d) – specializing in application development

Are you more interested in developing and programming customised software? Then the "application development" specialisation is just right for you! After learning the basics of programming languages, you will develop individual and innovative software solutions and adapt them according to customer requirements.

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Important! – The time plan

Regardless of the path that you choose - only after submitting your application can you make headway with F.EE. If possible, you should therefore submit your application by the end of August / mid September of the year before you plan to start your training or course - the earlier, the better. We get started early with the selection process and initial contract offers.

We are here for you - trainers and study supervisors at F.EE

Electronics technician and industrial electrician (m/f/d),
Specialists for storage logistics (m/f/d):
Thomas Schmid.

Industrial and precision mechanic (m/f/d),
Specialists for storage logistics (m/f/d):
Georg Kussinger.

Technical product designer (m/f/d): Reinhard Haimerl.

IT specialist (m/f/d):
Franz Laubmeier (specialisation - system integration).
Jürgen Prasch (field of study - application development).

Management assistant in digitalisation (m/f/d): Franz Laubmeier.

Dual study programme in computer science (m/f/d):
Franz Laubmeier and Jürgen Prasch.

Dual studies with in-depth practice (m/f/d) - mechatronics:
Alexander Trautner, Robert Königsberger and Jürgen Prasch.

Dual studies with in-depth practical training - Electrical Engineering and
Information Technology (m/f/d):
Alexander Trautner and Alois Prey.

Business professions, internship and training coordination:
Evelyn Schütz.