Redispatch 2.0

Redispatch 2.0 for hydropower plant operators

The amendment of the Grid Expansion Acceleration Act (NABEG 2.0) brings new obligations and roles for plant operators in the context of Redispatch 2.0 from 01 October 2021. This also applies to all operators of hydropower plants with a capacity of 100 kW or more. With the entry into force of Redispatch 2.0, the new market roles of Employer in Charge (EIV) and Operator of a Technical Resource (BTR) were also created, which have a central role in the fulfillment of the extensive legal obligations.

As a long-term partner from hydropower and for hydropower, we are pleased to offer to take over these two market roles in the redispatch system for you. 

Redispatch 2.0 - Our services for you as a hydropower plant operator

  • Takeover of the market roles of the EIV and BTR as well as the associated processing of the redispatch measures for the estoppel case and the forecast model.
  • Capture, management and transmission of initial master data.
  • Capture and forwarding of movement data.
  • Forwarding of deployment information of the network operator in the context of an alerting system.
  • Determination and reconciliation of data for billing and balancing of outage work.

Based on our many years of experience, we take into account the special features in the hydropower sector in the implementation of all redispatch measures.We know the importance of the queried data and technical parameters (e.g., the nominal output related to hydropower plants) and provide you with competent support in their collection. In addition, we offer assistance in clarifying and specifying the so-called "non-utilization", which must be defined by the operator of a hydropower plant for Redispatch 2.0.  

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