Automation Robotics

Custom machines, systems and jig construction

Custom machinery construction is the motivation of the machinery constructor and is always a new challenge. We have been designing, planning, constructing and producing successful and cross-industry projects and custom machines for many years now. From planning and design in our CAD department and simulation with our own F.EE 3D simulation tool fe.screen-sim, right through to the production, assembly, programming and commissioning of systems incl. robot and PLC components: We can realise your complete project.

Services for mobile production cells

  • Project development.
  • CAD design.
  • Simulation.
  • Production.
  • Assembly.
  • Commissioning.

System spectrum

  • Automatic destacking lines (product information sheet)
  • Automatic robot gluing systems.
  • Robot milling systems.
  • Robot deburring systems for plastic vehicle parts, aluminium parts and cast steel parts.
  • Robot palletising systems.
  • Robot online measuring systems for body attachment parts.
  • Assembly, testing and measuring devices and systems.


More information about one of our special topics: Automatic destacking lines.

product information sheet


Production line for engine blocks including F.EE robot grippers, travel axes, conveyor technology, protective fence system and integration of CNC milling machines.

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