Screw data management

Screw data logging and process control

In the final assembly area of automobile production, the unfinished motor vehicle passes through numerous stations in which a few procedures are performed automatically or by the worker in order to further complete the car. These work cycles include countless screw fittings on a range of assemblies, with hand-held or automatic screw systems. Camera systems, Pick-to-Light systems and many more complete the equipment in each of the working cycles. The software  fe.screen-sdm , as a configurable standard software for screw data logging with HMI, facilitates management of the diverse control tasks.

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Modularity and expandability

The modular and expandable software controls the devices connected to the production cycle, collects and evaluates screw results, and offers the worker clear graphical user guidance and a rework module.

Through this design based on .NET Framework technologies

  • it is possible to exchange or expand complete plant parts.
  • tried and tested plant parts are not influenced by the replacement or expansion, and complete the overall system.
  • unlimited expandability of work step types exists.

Software features

  • Complete process and screw system control in the cycle.
  • Conveyance equipment control via (line) PLC or I/O modules.
  • Filtering the screw program for the screw systems defined in the cycle and the possibility of local filtering.
  • Connection of a quality data server and rework stations.
  • Clear graphical user guidance with HMI.
  • Central and local configuration.
  • Control of multiple cycles via a PC.
  • Maximum flexibility through the requirements-oriented replacement of individual modules.


  • Flexible, comfortable and quality-assured production.
  • Device diversity: Supports a wide range of signal transducers, I/O modules, screw systems, scanners, camera systems, etc.
  • Modular and expandable design.
  • Protocol diversity: Use of standard interfaces and protocols such as Aklan / AklanS, Modbus TCP, RFC1006, ISO 8073, TCP/IP, XML protocol.
  • Can also be used as a rework station at the line end.