Guiding principle
Code of Conduct

Corporate sustainability

We are highly conscious of our responsibility for the environment, our employees, our customers and third parties. Environmental protection, on-the-job safety and employee development are important elements of our company policy. Since 2011, F.EE has been a member of the Global Compact Network of the United Nations, in which companies worldwide commit to far-reaching social and ecological principles and further develop these year after year.

Environmental protection and on-the-job safety

We define environmental protection and on-the-job safety as “the fulfilment of legal, commercial and internal requirements” in our direct and indirect environment. All activities of our employees and their working results must fulfil the legal regulations and enable us to constantly improve operational environmental, on-the-job and health protection. Right from the planning stage, we strive to keep environmental burdens to a minimum and to increase the on-the-job safety of our operational processes and the development of our systems and products through the application of the best technology available.

We are committed to acting responsibly and with a focus on the future with respect to the conservation of resources, and we therefore act conscientiously when using energy, water and other raw materials. As a responsible and future-oriented company, it is hugely important to us that we perform our socially exemplary function with diligence and awareness. During our work we endeavour to respect and preserve nature as the basis of life for future generations, and to consider the ecological consequences of our commercial actions. The quality of our life is decisively determined by health, which is a precondition for personal happiness and well-being. The world of work is greatly significant here.

The existing and regularly updated certified environmental (ISO 14001) and industrial health and safety management systems (OHRIS) support us in this undertaking and chart improvements. We are informed of legal changes through regular contact and cooperation with the authorities (industrial inspectorate), professional bodies, associations and specialist personnel.


The quality policy of F.EE aims to ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction and ranks alongside the other group targets with equal importance. We align our products and services with the quality requirements and expectations of our customers. Exceeding these is our target. The company management and employees undertake to constantly improve the products and processes, and to consider and comply with the technical and commercial regulations, provisions and laws.

We wish to qualify and motivate all employees, so that they are driven to ensure quality, environmental protection and on-the-job safety of their own accord. Our target is the development and production of high-quality products and the provision of services that satisfy requirements in terms of economic efficiency, safety and environmental compatibility in equal measure. The quality of our products and services is a result of personal conviction. Each individual employee within the company contributes to quality assurance and quality improvement. The task of the management is to create an atmosphere that stimulates and facilitates improvements. Exemplary actions underscore the credibility of our undertakings. We achieve our targets through the team spirit, competence and inclusion of all employees.

Social responsibility – Human rights – Anti-discrimination

The management is expressly committed to the observance of human rights, equal opportunities, fair working conditions and occupational health and safety standards. Through our company policy, we expressly support the generally applicable laws of equal opportunity and anti-discrimination, which prohibit any form of discrimination on the basis of race and ethnic origin, gender, religion and ideology, disability, age and sexual identity. As such, we do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment of employees in the working place, or in their daily working environment. All transgressions would be punished immediately. In order to support the integration of foreign workers, we actively promote language courses, organise intercultural meetings and support employees with a search for living accommodation and organizational matters. F.EE is explicitly opposed to all forms of forced labour and child labour.

Information security

The protection of business information and personal data is a high priority at F.EE. Personal data is only collected and processed in accordance with legal requirements. We are committed to handling the data and information entrusted to us confidentially on the basis of the applicable legal foundations and regulations, the observance of contractual obligations and internal company principles and guidelines on information security. The ISMS (Information Security Management System) of F.EE is certified according to the VDA-ISA-/TISAX standard (ENX).


"As a responsible and observant company, we know that quality can only be achieved if we are able to offer the people who place their trust in us a daily climate in which to develop their skills and opportunities. Space for happiness, commitment and creativity! In this way, we and our employees establish a basis for particular motivation and enthusiasm and for unconstrained flexibility. This cooperation allows us to formulate exceptional targets and to apply our skills, ideas and knowledge to the benefit of our customers."

The F.EE company group management: Gerlinde, Hans and Robert Fleischmann


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