Micro-hydroelectric power stations

Modular compact control for micro-hydroelectric power stations

Numerous micro-hydroelectric power stations are installed in the German-speaking region, often for reasons of tradition and to supply power according to individual requirements. However, they also deliver the power they generate to the energy suppliers. With the HydroCompact Power 75 F.EE hydropower has created an innovative compact control in a standardised modular design for the modernisation or new installation of micro-hydroelectric power stations.

The concept

In light of the low yields they generate and the associated lengthy amortisation periods for modernisation measures, the technical equipment of many micro-hydro power stations is in need of repair. The supposed high costs are often partly due to the individual nature of the power plants.

F.EE has tasked itself with developing a control system for micro-hydro power stations in accordance with the motto “Low Budget but High Concept”. The starting point for this was the idea of developing a small control that constitutes a cost effective solution. At the same time, high quality industry components should also be used, which guarantee long-term operational reliability and the availability of spare parts.

The result is a standardised control system Hydro-CompactPower in a modular design, which covers a broad spectrum of requirements as standard. The power section, control electronics and operating level are integrated in a compact control cabinet enclosure and enable the operation of all conventional turbine types up to 75 kW, such as Francis, Kaplan, Pelton and cross-flow turbines. Water wheels and hydrodynamic screws can also be operated with the compact control.

Basic functions for 1-fold regulated turbines

  • Network monitoring per VDE-AR-N 4105
  • Feed via residual current circuit breaker and 4-pole mains disconnection per TAB
  • Generator branch for surge current and short circuit protection, and current asymmetry
  • All-pole measurement of current/voltage/frequency/active power/reactive power/cos-phi
  • 24 V DC battery system
  • Safety shut-off / emergency shut-off / surge current protection for supply line and level measurements
  • PLC small control system per high industry standard
  • Sensor systems: 1x level measurement, 1x guide wheel opening, 1x speed sensor
  • Web visualisation integrated in the PLC
  • LAN, WLAN access point

Options for special requirements

  • Delivery of hydraulic units for turbine adjustment
  • Frequency converter for variable-speed turbines

You can find further features and options in the information sheet for the HCP 75.


  • Long-lived and reliable
  • Innovative operation
  • Independent assembly possible
  • Cost effective and rapidly available


PDF product brochure HydroCompact Power 75 compact control:


Control cabinet construction

All hydropower control cabinets are produced in our own construction centre in Neunburg v. W.

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