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Inductive gelling jigs

F.EE and BST Induktion GmbH are bundling their extensive know-how in the area of inductive gelling devices and are launching a product that delivers convincing quality, value for money and reliability. While F.EE is responsible for handling the entire project, from sales to the design and manufacture of the heating rack through to worldwide assembly, the high-quality induction components are manufactured by BST Induktion GmbH.

Our customers benefit first and foremost from this cooperation. They can rely on direct contact persons and high-quality inductive gelling jigs.



  • Structure is made possible by using F.EE standard components as well as those custom-made to individual customer specifications taking into consideration all automotive standards.
  • The jig is available as a manual or automatic system.
  • Contour supports in contact with the component, pressure pieces, etc. with 3D free-form surfaces are manufactured from high temperature-resistant thermoplastics or thermoset plastics – on request also with fibreglass reinforcement.
  • Long-term tested, durable and high-quality components "Made in Germany" are used.
  • The frame also serves as a geo-station, in which the component geometry is adjusted and located by the tensioning device.


BST Induction Heating

With the induction heating possibility for car body construction developed by BST Induktion GmbH, the tedious curing of adhesives in continuous furnaces is a thing of the past. Besides enormous time savings, induction heating offers many further advantages:

  • Exact definition of the heating zones possible.
  • Low energy consumption, as only parts of the area are heated.
  • Joint bonding of different materials (e. g. steel, aluminium, magnesium) possible.
  • Reduced distortion with many component types.
  • Effective process control possible.
  • Both one and two component adhesives can be processed.

Induction generator

  • In the upper housing, the control is accessible from the front, while the power electronics – covered by the assembly plate – are located in the rear part of the housing. All components are easily accessible via front or rear re-adjusting spring back wall doors.
  • The cooling system for inductor cooling is located in the lower area. For the majority of applications, a water/air cooling system can be used, so that the customer doesn´t need a factory cooling water connection.
  • Water and power electronics are strictly separated, which means that regular checks of the electrical conductivity of the coolant are not necessary.
  • Different device types are available. Please refer to the product sheet for further details.


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