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EGT, Aluminium profile system and robot gripper

Robot gripper systems are in use in many areas of modern industrial automation. They perform handling and assembly tasks, remove parts with complex geometries from shipping containers and mount them fully automatically in their application position. The focus here lies on the design in accordance with the customer specification, as well as gentle component removal with pneumatic modules and precise assembly techniques. F.EE robot grippers are usually based on aluminium profile systems, the so-called EGT systems. Every year, over 1,000 different robot grippers leave the factory halls in Neunburg vorm Wald.

Gripper characteristics

  • Robot grippers based on the EGT system or with welded base frame.
  • Including design in accordance with customer specification or production according to customer design.
  • Including 3D measurement.
  • Including electrical and pneumatic installation.

Aluminium profile or EGT system

  • Aluminium modular system with approx. 180 parts.
  • Delivery as finished assembly components.
  • Faster and true-to-size assembly of the complete system.
  • Synergies with design and construction due to standardised parts.
  • Suitable for modification and adaptable.

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