Automation Robotics


Exchange systems for assemblies and parts that are transported in shipping containers, or for pallets, are used in order to realise production processes without interruption. The intake and discharge stations are often part of complete automation systems planned by F.EE, in particular in the automobile sector. Due to many years of experience we are a recognised partner and specialist in this sector, our design engineers draft and plan these and further auxiliary equipment items for production automation following a detailed analysis and in accordance with customer needs.


  • Manual or automatic design (electrical and pneumatic).
  • At the current time, over 10 different systems have been developed and are in use.
  • Change the part, pallet and container without interrupting the automatic operation of the system.

Scope of applications

  • Automobile and supplying industry
  • Body shell construction and final assembly
  • Press plants
  • Automation systems, e.g. for the automatic stacking of components in shipping containers.

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