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Control cabinet construction individually according to your wishes

F.EE has an 10,000 m² control cabinet production centre. Here, approx. 4,000 running metres of control cabinets of all kinds are assembled, wired and tested annually: Individual cabinets, series cabinets, control consoles, control boxes and terminal boxes from planning to design and in compliance with the standards and regulations for control cabinet manufacturing.

Advantages in control cabinet construction with F.EE

  • Vendor consignment stores.
  • High quality standard through test field and function simulation, if necessary also including fieldbus test, device pre-parameterisation etc.
  • Fixed price or unit prices.
  • Construction according to specification including test protocols, parts lists etc.
  • Special housing or special colours.
  • Many years of industry knowledge regarding customer and country regulations.
  • Customer certification of our control cabinet production is possible.
  • Control cabinets according to UL 508A and CSA C22.2 No. 14 for USA and Canada.
  • Power control cabinets up to 5,000 A.
  • Possible manufacturing variants:
    • Project production: F.EE takes over the engineering completely.
    • Customized production: Engineering and, if necessary, provision of materials are carried out by the customer.

Scope of applications

The greatest strength of this control cabinet construction centre is the many years of know-how of the employees and the knowledge of the industry-specific requirements. Customers worldwide value the uncompromising quality standards of F.EE control cabinets, which satisfy the highest demands. They are essentially in use in the following areas:


Employee during the electrical installation at the control cabinet

We also offer electrical assembly and installation as a service after the switch cabinet production and wiring. This can be carried out by F.EE employees or by partner companies. Usually it depends on the size of the project, the desired date and the place where you want the installation to take place. In any case, coordination is carried out by F.EE site managers and supervisors. Measurements (also as a service for recurring control measurements) are carried out in accordance with VDE or CE standards.

More Information

Control cabinet construction in numbers

Employees (ca)
Linear metres of control cabinets per year (ca)
Square metres of production space (ca)
Years of experience (ca)

The tool "CabinetTest" is a software that has emerged from the development of our solution for virtual commissioning, fe.screen-sim. The application provides a combination of hardware and software components that enable execution of automated and logged cabinet tests. The "CabinetTest" can either be integrated into the 3D simulation software fe.screen-sim or used as a stand-alone tool.

The mode of operation

In addition to the "CabinetTest" application, a test cabinet is required to carry out the cabinet test. This cabinet contains various test devices and is connected to the software. Of course, an individual and modular adaptation of the test cabinet to the most diverse requirements is possible.

The control cabinet to be tested is then coupled to the test cabinet. At the same time, the test steps to be performed are defined in the "CabinetTest" software. Documents for detailed explanations can be added to the individual tests. The software then controls the test cabinet, which carries out the previously defined tests - e.g. of voltages, rotating fields, and digital and analog signals - step by step in the control cabinet to be tested. The software displays the results and automatically logs the test execution.

More about the Cabinettest

What is virtual commissioning?




  • Cable assembly
  • DGUV measurements


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