F.EE hydropower
Research project at Silbersee - double regulated Francis turbine.
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F.EE hydropower
Energy and automation technology for hydropower plants.
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F.EE hydropower
We get currents flowing.

This is how modern automation works with hydropower plants

With 30 years of experience we have already successfully developed customer-oriented solutions for countless hydro power projects. With modernisation projects, we supply automation and control technology, as well as visualisation, instrumentation and telecontrol technology and solutions for energy distribution. As a general contractor, we can also realise new builds from planning right through to commissioning. Our specialists are capable of setting the benchmark when it comes to efficiency and quality in movable power plants and hydrodynamic screws. In addition, we support operators of hydropower plants in the implementation of Redispatch 2.0.

Service spectrum

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Service spectrum

Control technology, power distribution, instrumentation and telecontrol technology, as well as visualisation count among the specialist fields of F.EE hydro power. Thanks to strong and competent partners, we also supply our customers with leading-edge machinery and generator technology, as well as hydraulic steelwork.
To date, over 350 hydropower projects have been realised, from 5 kW up to double-digit MW outputs. The customer base includes energy supply companies, public utilities, private individuals and construction companies.  Straight to the service spectrum

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  • Power station types: Run-of-river, storage and pumped-storage plants.
  • Turbine types: Water wheel, screw, Francis/Kaplan, cross-flow, Pelton.
  • Generators: Synchronous, asynchronous, constant or variable speed generators.

You will find an extract from our projects here:

Our strengths

  • Production in Germany and the use of components from renowned manufacturers.
  • Long-term spare parts supply (up to 20 years).
  • Short delivery times due to high degree of standardisation.
  • Online service (remote maintenance) for support to optimisation and operation during faults.
  • Redundant controls for high availability.
  • Quality, environmental and safety management.

Control cabinet construction

All hydropower control cabinets are produced in our own production centre in Neunburg v. W.

To control cabinet construction

Mitarbeiter Schaltschrankverdrahtung

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