Electrical Engineering

Automotive and supplying industry

The F.EE electrical engineering and automation robotics divisions have been delivering to the major manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry for many years now. We are active here as a reliable partner when it comes to all automation questions in automotive manufacturing and we have developed a broad spectrum of services in this area: Our control cabinets, systems, jigs & fixtures and (software) solutions are employed in body construction, in painting plants, with conveyance and process engineering, and in assembly technology. We are usually responsible for a hall-size production line module, which we fully design, construct, produce, assemble, program and put into operation.

Discover the scope of applications of F.EE solutions in automobile manufacturing:

Body construction

  • Welding, soldering, lasering, gluing.
  • Riveting, stamping, clinching.
  • Folding, roll hemming, handling, measuring.
  • Aluminium, steel, carbon.

Finishing technology

  • Paint application, mix room.
  • Dryer, ventilation and process engineering.
  • Seam sealing, gluing.

Conveyance technology

  • Electric monorail system, Power+Free.
  • Accumulation chain conveyor, roller conveyor.
  • High-bay warehouse, material handling control.

Assembly technology

  • Joining station.
  • Engine, gearbox and axle assembly.
  • Cockpit, front end, convertible and panoramic roof.


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