For visualisation tasks, we use systems including our own flexible F.EE process visualisation software fe.screen-view, which is also used in an industrial environment. It enables location-independent remote monitoring, clear representation, seamless documentation and rapid access and intervention (remote control). The monitoring, logging and remote control possibilities facilitate economical optimisation of the complete system.

On customer request, other SCADA systems are also used, e.g. WinCC, InTouch, Zenon, RSView, ProTool/Pro, Intellution, Quickpic, etc.

Requirements on the instrumentation and control technology:

  • Protection of the plant and personnel
  • Power optimisation of the hydro power station
  • Fail-safe design, availability
  • Long service life and spare parts procurement of the components
  • Fulfilment of the legal requirements WWA (minimum water level, flow, etc.), German Renewable Energy Sources Act
  • Logging and archiving of data
  • Remote operation and monitoring 

Monitoring and operation by remote dial-in:

  • Remote dial-in by remote control software
  • Identical operation as on the control cabinet
  • Via VPN access over the internet
  • Via PC, Notebook, Tablet, Smartphone

Control cabinet construction

All hydropower control cabinets are produced in our own production centre in Neunburg v. W.

To control cabinet construction

Mitarbeiter Schaltschrankverdrahtung

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