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Our training has won several awards, as evidenced by the many titles and honours that our graduates have received and continue to receive year after year.

The history of our successes

F.EE was most recently awarded the prize by the municipal trades association for northern Upper Palatinate for the best training company for the vocation electronics technician - automation technology – and this is now the eighth time in succession. At the national level, we were honoured as the best training company in 2018 and 2019 in the FOCUS Money study. A stunning success, which sustainably recognises the performance of our trainees, the dedication of our training managers and the optimum organisation of training at F.EE, and also gives us an incentive to continue this success in the years to come.


Two times industry winner in training in the category of automation technology throughout Germany and now seven times in a row the top position and thus the best training company among electronics technicians for automation technology in the Northern Upper Palatinate: Gradually, personnel manager Udo Starck is running out of superlatives to describe the records that training at F.EE has set in recent years. This he said at a ceremony held on 12 April at the headquarters of the F.EE Group to honour training and further education graduates.

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Where will the skilled workers of tomorrow be trained particularly well and which companies are the leaders in terms of training in their industry in Germany? From January to December 2018, the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) in Hamburg was commissioned by Deutschland Test and the magazine FOCUS Money to investigate these questions once again. Anyone who has any idea how difficult it is to defend a title here will pay particular attention to the result, which was officially published at the end of March, in the Automation Technology category: In Neunburg v. W., the F.EE Group can be pleased about the second consecutive award as test winner in the Germany-wide study.

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Graphic: Best training company 2018 + 2019


The series of the best in the annual study by "Deutschland Test" and the business magazine "Focus Money" reads like the Who's Who of industry. A large proportion of the groups and large medium-sized companies in Germany appear in the results lists of the comparison of the 20,000 companies with the highest number of employees and were assessed in terms of training quality with regard to aspects such as training success, qualifications and grades, training remuneration, training rate and additional offers and support programmes for trainees. The result 2018 in the category automation technology gives now in Neunburg v. W. large cause for joy. The F.EE company group is the winner in it's category and may now decorate itself with this Germany-wide award.

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2018: Outstanding performance in education and training

The fact that F.EE now almost traditionally holds the title of the best training company for the North Upper Palatinate among the electronics engineers for automation technology after the sixth award in a row was only one of the success stories reported by personnel manager Udo Starck at the group's headquarters in Neunburg v. W. at the ceremonial tribute to the training and further education graduates in 2018.

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Gruppenfoto geehrte Mitarbeiter

2017: Top trainer again

30 successful graduates of training, further education and dual studies were honoured. For the fifth time in succession, we received the award for the best training company for electronics technicians specialising in automation technology.

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2016: Manuel Brolich receives the title

Manuel Brolich has been named Bavaria’s top trainee among electronics technicians for automation technology. With this, a trainee from F.EE has once again received this coveted award and F.EE has been honoured as the top training company for the fourth time in succession.

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2015: Outstanding chamber victory for Lorenz Schmid

With the performance competition of the German association for craft workers, which measures top performance every year on the basis of the journeyman's examination, Lorenz Schmid took the top spot in the competition for technical product designers in machinery and system design. With this, he is the chamber’s winner in Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate and has written a further chapter in the thoroughly successful history of training at F.EE.

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2014: Markus Graf shines with top grade

With the best mark of 95.8 % he was also the chamber winner. The award was bestowed on 11.10.2014 at the Redoute in Passau by the vice presidents of the chamber of commerce for Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate, Mr Richard Hettmann and Mr Konrad Treitinger. With this, F.EE has provided the chamber winner for electronics technicians specialising in automation technology for the second time in succession.

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2014: All F.EE trainees in technical product design passed the year with the grade “very good”

Excellent proof of the talent of our trainees and the performance of our CAD training in mechanical engineering.

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2013: Christian Bauer is the best trainee in Bavaria

He took the top spot in the field of automation technology (CoIC) unchallenged and is therefore also chamber winner.

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