Building automation

Building automation

Smart home & intelligent building

Allow your technical building equipment to holistically think with you! With fe.screen-fcs (Facility Control System), the all-in-one system for the central control of all building functions, you reduce the energy and operating expenses, increase the user comfort and protect the environment at the same time.


fe.screen-fcs enables holistic building automation. This includes every type and combination of technical equipment, energy sources and usage concepts. The system comprehensively covers all technical systems and all building functions without interfaces. No further controls are necessary. fe.screen-fcs therefore covers conventional or bus-orientated technical equipment installations, and controls all building and house functions centrally with the use of synergies.


  • Intelligent, industry-tested building control and management system.
  • Based on open and standardised automation components and tools.
  • Enables holistic building automation (technical equipment, energy sources and usage concepts).
  • Central control of all building functions:
    • Lighting
    • Shutters
    • Ventilation, heating, air conditioning
    • Energy management
    • Building monitoring, access control, time recording
    • Peak load optimisation
  • Energy management.
  • Access control.

Further features

  • Trend recordings and diagrams.
  • Audit and seamless logging.
  • Fault statistics and process fault analysis.
  • Current circuit distribution with integrated fieldbus level.
  • Intelligent alerts.
  • Week programs and yearly calendar.

Extracts from the building control

Screenshot from the building control

Controlling room functions

  • Light display,  switch on or switch off.
  • Shutter control and display.
  • Current temperature gauge.
  • Auxiliary device control (e.g. ceiling fans).

Controlling ventilation

  • Current system state identifiable at a glance.
  • Every unit with its own detailed window for display and operation.
  • User level-specific settings possible.

Controlling heating systems

  • Control a wide range of different burner types, e.g. 2-stage burners or modulating burners.
  • Automatic burner switching, e.g. depending on operating hours or with a fault.

Working/utilisation times

  • Input of week programs in quarter-hourly intervals.
  • Special days, e.g. public holidays, vacation or holiday, can be edited in the annual calendar.

Download (German language)

You will find further information in our product brochure.

fe.screen-fcs brochure (German language)