40 years

F.EEling for automation

40 years of F.EE

Every successful company history begins with a courageous decision. Hans Fleischmann made this decision in 1982. He laid the foundation for a success story that continues to this day: So we were able to celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2022!

We look forward to taking you on a journey through 40 years of F.EE with a series of interesting employee stories, exciting pictures and videos from the years 1982 to 2022.

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Stories of our employees

40 years is a big anniversary for F.EE - but many of our employees also celebrated their service anniversary in 2022. You can look forward to many exciting stories and interesting insights into our company history!

Interview Max Stangl 40 Jahre F.EE

Like many great companies, it all started in a garage!

In 2022, F.EE will be 40 years old - and we would like to introduce one of our longest-serving employees today: Max has been with us for more than 35 years, so he has witnessed F.EE's development almost from the beginning.

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Interview Wilfried und Heiner

Insight into 30 years of F.EE sales

In our last interview, you already met Max, who has been working at F.EE for more than 35 years. With 59 years of employment, we can even top this number – however, we have invited two colleagues for today's interview: With Wilfried and Heiner, we may give you an insight into the F.EE sales department.

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Insights into times gone by

F.EE employees - past and present

On the occasion of our 40th anniversary, we went through our photo archives and came across some great shots. Of course we don't want to withhold these from you and therefore start a small series with a comparison of current photos and pictures from past times.

Structural Development

A lot has happened at F.EE in over 40 years: in order to accommodate the enormous growth process, our buildings have also had to evolve. We would therefore like to take you on a journey through the structural development of F.EE – from its beginnings to its anniversary year.

Company history

Highlights gab es im Laufe der Jahre viele – Die Aufnahme in die Reihe der Digitalen Champions in Bayern im Jahr 2017 ist eines der aktuellsten.

1982 – 2022

F.EE started out as a specialist in control cabinet technology. The company group, with its four business divisions and representatives at home and abroad, is now synonymous with outstanding automation technology for industry and realises worldwide projects in the fields of automation technology, machinery construction and robotics, software and industrial IT, as well as power engineering.

  • 1982
Founded by Hans Fleischmann.
  • 1990
Change of name to F.EE GmbH and relocation to the current company headquarters.
  • 1991
Founding of the branch in Frankfurt am Main.
  • 1992
Opening of the branch in Birmingham / England.
  • 1997
Foundation of the branch in Guadalajara / Mexico.
  • 1998
Founding of F.EE GmbH Automation in Neunburg v. W.
  • 2000
New Business Unit Software + Systems.
  • 2001
Foundation of the branch in Cologne.
  • 2002
Opening of the branch in Barcelona / Spain.
  • 2004
Globalization towards Asia, USA.
  • 2006
Opening of the control cabinet construction centre (SFZ) - 3,000 m².
  • 2008
Foundation of the branch in Spartanburg, USA.
  • 2009
Foundation of the branch in Leipzig. Extension of the SFZ to 8,500 m².
  • 2011
Founding of F.EE GmbH Automation in Barcelona / Spain. Relocation of US branch from Spartanburg to Chattanooga.
  • 2012
Foundation of the branch in Istanbul / Turkey.
  • 2015
Expansion of the production halls of the Automation Robotics division (11,000 m²).
  • 2016
Construction of another office building with canteen on 4,000 m².
  • 2017
F.EE grows to 1,000 employees worldwide. Foundation of the branch in Vinkovci / Croatia.
  • 2019
Twice awarded as Germany's best training company (2018 + 2019) in the automation technology category.
  • 2022
40th anniversary of F.EE group of companies. To the press release.