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Individual solutions are now in demand in almost every industrial area across the entire spectrum of robotics. We draft, plan and design a wide range of robot applications and supply our customers with comprehensive robot technology and the right accessories at the same time. This includes complete and part solutions for handling, welding and gluing applications, as well as accessories such as grippers, quick change systems, robot movement axes, magazines, turntables and robot consoles, which we produce on an individual basis - and which we have supplied 10,000 times over in the past.


  • For all robot types and manufacturers.
  • Standard and custom consoles, fastening plates incl. static and dynamic stability and strength verification (FEM calculation).
  • Custom movement axes, robot movement axes (6 to 1300 kg robots).
  • Robot hose packages, application and connecting cables, power chains, spare parts, etc.
  • Robot quick change plates, jigs & fixtures.
  • Separate department for ROBCAD, ABB RobotStudio, Process Simulate and Yaskawa MotoVRC, as well as CAD design with CATIA, Inventor and Siemens NX.
  • Robot calibration as a service.

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