BRK Schwarzenfeld is pleased about the F.EE Christmas donation

Florian Kleidl (left), Tactical Director and Christoph Sperl (2nd from left), Manager of the BRK Schwarzenfeld together with Tobias Reitmeier, Head of PR and Marketing at F.EE, at the symbolic check handover.

For many years it has been a living tradition of the F.EE Group from Neunburg vorm Wald that at Christmas not their own customers but non-profit organizations from the region are presented with gifts. According to Gerlinde Fleischmann from the F.EE management, this should not be any different in 2020, a special year in many respects.

The call for help came from Schwarzenfeld in the fall: The Bavarian Red Cross, which has around 50 active volunteers (20 of whom are on stand-by) and three emergency vehicles, and is alerted around 300 times a year, for example in traffic accidents, was no longer able to operate its ambulance economically. The repair costs of the vehicle built in 2009 were no longer affordable. In any case, the stand-by service is dependent on subsidies from the district association for all running costs, but since additional sources of income, such as the ambulance service at events, were lost in the Corona year, it was clear that the replacement of a new used ambulance for the BRK Schwarzenfeld could only be realized, if at all, if there was a sufficiently large willingness to donate. In general, there is an enormously high cost pressure on the standby services, for example in the area of medical equipment, which has continuously increased over the past years, according to Christoph Sperl, manager of the BRK Schwarzenfeld. The F.EE donation of 12,000 euros – handed over by PR and Marketing Director Tobias Reitmeier as a symbolic check – was the largest share of the costs and made it possible to acquire the vehicle recently, which the BRK in Schwarzenfeld was clearly pleased about.

The second part of the F.EE Christmas donation of 3,000 euros was donated this year to the BRK in Neunburg vorm Wald.

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