Christmas donation supports regional rescue organisations

Photo, F.EE, Tobias Reitmeier: (from left to right) Daniela Owerdieck (paramedic), Dr. Jörg Owerdieck (Chief Emergency Doctor, on-call doctor), Gerlinde Fleischmann (Management F.EE), Stefan Dietl (Project Manager, BRK on-call manager Roding), Johannes Krüger and Felix Zeitler (both paramedics) handing over the symbolic cheque in front of the mobile medical station.
Photo, F.EE: (from left to right) Georg Schmid (fire brigade chairman), Hans and Gerlinde Fleischmann (F.EE management) as well as the management team of the children's fire brigade and the children are happy about the Christmas donation of the F.EE group for the initial equipment.

As it is already a tradition at F.EE to support voluntary organizations and charitable projects with the campaign "donations instead of gifts", both the readiness of the Bavarian Red Cross in Roding and the newly founded children's fire brigade Neunburg vorm Wald were delighted this year. The F.EE group donated a total of 15,000 euros to the two aid and rescue organizations and at the same time avoided giving Christmas presents to customers.

The Bavarian Red Cross in Roding received part of this year's Christmas donation for the purchase of a so-called mobile medical station. Such a station is urgently needed in view of the steadily increasing number of major events and the associated need for security. So far, the medical service has been accommodated in large tents for these occasions, but their use is always associated with risks in relation to the weather or the ground and also requires long planning. The treatment of patients is also only possible to a limited extent due to the difficult hygiene conditions in the tents. The investment in a mobile medical station – for different areas of application – can thus considerably improve the initial medical care on site. The trailer, which is seven metres long in total, offers space for four treatment places as well as a recreation area for the crew and has sufficient storage space for comprehensive medical equipment. To date, there are only a handful of such mobile medical stations in Bavaria, as the procurement and project implementation involves a high financial outlay. In order to cover the costs of the station, the BRK Roding with project manager and BRK stand-by manager Stefan Dietl searched for as many donors as possible from the economy and the region. The largest single donation, and thus a decisive part, was made by the F.EE Group in the summer of 2018.

The second part of the donation went to the voluntary fire brigade Neunburg vorm Wald and supported the local association in setting up a children's fire brigade for children between the ages of six and twelve. The purpose of this group is to familiarize children with the activities of the voluntary fire brigade and to awaken their willingness to help and their commitment to their fellow human beings. The donation was used to dress and equip the 30 youngest members of the fire brigade. Not only the children were delighted with their initial equipment, Georg Schmid, Chairman of the Neunburg Fire Brigade, also paid tribute to the social commitment of the F.EE management and expressed his sincere thanks.

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