Fascination of technology experienced live

F.EE trainee Alexander shows camp participant Nadine how to work with a lathe.
The participants of the "Girls for Tech Camp" together with F.EE trainees, F.EE personnel and training managers as well as the guests of honour at the final event.

Drilling, soldering, filing: This is not only for boys – it is also fun for girls. 12 schoolgirls from 12 to 14 years of age in the "Girls for Tech Camp" at the F.EE group in Neunburg v. W. were able to find this out. The participants spent five days getting to know various training occupations – from precision mechanic to electronics technician for automation technology and industrial mechanic. And they have built their own traffic lights. The project is part of the initiative "Technology - Future in Bavaria 4.0" of the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw) e. V. and the Bavarian metal and electrical employers (bayme vbm).

Today the students showed their work to their parents and other guests and reported enthusiastically about their experiences during the camp. For Bertram Brossardt, Managing Director of the employers' associations, the enthusiasm of the schoolgirls for technology is an important goal of the "Girls for Tech Camp": "The Bavarian metal and electrical industry in particular offers girls excellent training and career prospects. This is why we have been involved for years in projects such as the 'Girls for Technology Camps', which give schoolgirls early access to technical occupations," he said during the camp.

„Beim ,Mädchen für Technik-Camp’ können die Teilnehmerinnen die Faszination technischer Berufe live erleben. Wir zeigen ihnen, wie facettenreich diese Berufe wirklich sind“, erklärte Udo Starck, Personalleiter bei F.EE. „Und wir machen ihnen Mut, sich tatsächlich für einen technischen Beruf zu entscheiden. Denn ihre Möglichkeiten sind damit enorm vielfältig.“

Attractive technical professions

"At the 'Girls for Tech Camp' the participants can experience the fascination of technical professions live. We show them how multi-faceted these professions really are," explained Udo Starck, Human Resources Manager at F.EE. "And we encourage them to actually choose a technical profession. Because their possibilities are enormously diverse."


Increase the percentage of female employees

The percentage of female employees in the Bavarian metal and electrical industry - currently around 25 percent – is expected to rise. Employers are also committed to this goal, emphasized Association Managing Director Brossardt. For, as Brossardt said: "In order to continue to occupy a top position in international competition, Bavarian companies will need highly qualified junior staff in the future as well. Perhaps the participants of the "Girls for Tech Camp" will one day be among these young specialists. The foundation stone for this has been laid.

3500 participants since 2002

The "Girls for Tech Camps" are one of 16 offers of the educational initiative "Technology – Future in Bavaria 4.0", which wants to inspire children and young people for technology. Since 2002, 3500 schoolgirls across Bavaria have taken part in the "Girls for Tech Camps", which are almost always fully booked. Once again this year more than 170 schoolgirls immerse themselves in the world of technology in a total of 13 camps. The offer is free of charge except for arrival and departure. Behind the "Girls for Technology Camps" are the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft e. V. and the Bavarian metal and electrical employers bayme vbm. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs also supports the project.

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