F.EE organises company typing

F.EE Managing Director Gerlinde Fleischmann (left) handing over the donation check to the DKMS representative Kathrin Metzler.


F.EE has committed itself to the battle against leukaemia twice over. Not only because the decision was made to donate the budget for Christmas gifts for customers and business partners to the DKMS, but also by enabling all employees of DKMS to register themselves as stem cell donors. The costs for this, which stood at € 50 per registration, were borne by the company. A total of € 15,000 was therefore transferred to the DKMS.

“Although typing campaigns have taken place relatively frequently in our area, it was still possible to gain over 100 employees as potential life-givers”, Gerlinde Fleischmann, F.EE, enthuses over the high numbers of employees who participated in the campaign.

Every 16 minutes, someone in Germany falls ill with leukaemia. Be it a child or adult - no one is safe from this disease. And everyone can help to beat it: Because with the aid of stem cell donations it is possible to beat leukaemia.

The non-profit organisation DKMS Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH (the German bone marrow registry) was founded in 1991 from a private initiative. Today, the DKMS family is the largest registry of stem cell donors in the world, containing over 3.9 million names. An average of 15 DKMS donors donate stem cells every day. A DKMS donor has been able to offer a patient a new lease of life over 34,500 times. The declared goal of the DKMS is to find a suitable life-giving donor for every patient, through the further expansion of the registry.


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