F.EE receives "Helper Oscar" for special commitment

Hans Fleischmann, Thomas Lipp, Gerlinde Fleischmann, Alexander Trautner, Ilona Knecht-Jesberger and Veronika Engler (from left to right)

After the F.EE group of companies from Neunburg v. W. had already been honoured by the Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann, as an "honorary-friendly company", it now also received the so-called "helper Oscar" of the Bavarian helper network. F.EE supports active volunteers in a special way, frees them e.g. for assignments, training and exercises and keeps their backs free even during short-term absences.

Since the National Association of the Technical Relief Association Bavaria (THW) had proposed the company for the original award, the head of the THW regional office Schwandorf, Ilona Knecht-Jesberger, personally came to Neunburg v. W. in the last week. In the presence of her colleague Veronika Engler and the THW active F.EE employees Alexander Trautner and Thomas Lipp she presented the "helper Oscar" – the award as a "helper-friendly company" – to Gerlinde and Hans Fleischmann.

In her speech, Knecht-Jesberger stressed that it is not a matter of course nowadays that civic engagement is supported by employees in this form. "Only if society and economics act together, a good supply in the civil protection can be ensured in Bavaria , said the THW chief. F.EE may carry thereby from now on the title of a helper-friendly company. Knecht-Jesberger also expressed her sincere thanks to the twelve THW activists and the employees of the F.EE group who are involved in one of the other aid organisations.

The Bavarian aid network includes the seven blue light organisations in Bavaria: Bavarian Red Cross, Johanniter Unfallhilfe, Malteser Hilfsdienst, Deutsche Lebensrettungsgesellschaft, Technisches Hilfswerk, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund and Medizinisches Katastrophen-Hilfswerk Deutschland.

Following the award ceremony, Hans Fleischmann thanked the blue-light organisations and Mrs. Knecht-Jesberger in particular on behalf of the entire team and expressed the explicit appreciation of the F.EE management for their own employees, who volunteer their time and thus make an invaluable contribution to society. When colleagues are called on to help at short notice, others in the F.EE team have to bear the additional burden of taking over their tasks. The company founder also expressed his thanks to his employees for this. The commitment in the spare time as well as the compensation of work time by others is both not a matter of course. F.EE already supports associations and organizations, which carry out assistance or emergency assistance, e.g. with the acquisition of devices and equipment. Recently F.EE participated with a donation at a value of 12.500 euro in the new vehicle of the water guard in Neunburg vorm Wald. In the future, too, the management wants to support projects of the local branches of the Bavarian blue-light organisations, continued Fleischmann.

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