F.EE recognises employees with outstanding grades

The honored graduates of the F.EE group as well as management, personnel management and trainers.


On Friday 19th August there was good reason for celebration at the F.EE company group from Neunburg vorm Wald. In addition to countless successful further training courses, a large number of trainees also achieved outstanding results in their vocational qualifications and were honoured by the government of Upper Palatinate for their performance. A happy day for F.EE and confirmation that the sustained high quality training concept including dual study is working.


It was possible to recognise a total of twelve employees for their performances - seven for their successful training and five for their further education - together with their trainers, personnel director Udo Starck and the company management.

In his acknowledgement speech, Udo Starck lauded the particular tradition of training at F.EE: “Every successful training programme is always preceded by a lasting choice of vocation. Even with regards to the selection of their future vocation, those recognised today convinced us during our initial meetings that they had made the right choice for themselves. Today, these good and very good examination results confirm this in an impressive way.” These grades seamlessly continue F.EE’s history of outstanding grades in past years, much to the delight of the personnel director.

More than pleasing was the examination grade “very good” achieved by business administrator Jennifer Hartl. Both she and Anna Schneider, also a business administrator, as well as IT specialist specialising in application development Thomas Schedlbauer, received additional special recognition. All three gained average grades of “very good” from the technical school and were honoured by the government of Upper Palatinate for their excellent final grades. Benjamin Weikmann (dual studies - Bachelor of Science, applied computer science) also gained extra recognition for his very good grade in his degree examination.

According to Udo Starck, the importance of training and dual studies at the F.EE company group has grown even further in recent years. In the future we also wish to directly take on and employ successful trainees and college graduates. With this, F.EE remains a pioneer in the region and beyond it, whereby the diversity of the vocations is set to increase even further: From this September, for the first time dual studies will start in commercial and service management, and from autumn 2017 F.EE trainees will also include electronics technicians for energy and building services engineering, as well as industrial mechanics. The application period for many training vocations in 2017 is currently running.

“The best way to ensure a successful career path is and will remain sound entry followed by remaining constantly on the ball”, says Udo Starck in wrapping up his speech. In doing so he makes the link with those employees who have earned this in the recent past through full-time or part-time further education. They too received special recognition from F.EE on this day.

The training graduates:

  • Business administrator: Milena Gruber, Jennifer Hartl, Anna Schneider
  • IT specialist, specialising in system integration: Simon Nothaaß
  • IT specialist specialising in application development: Thomas Schedlbauer, Philipp Stangl
  • Dual Bachelor of Science - applied computer science: Benjamin Weikmann

The further education graduates:

  • Certified business administrator: Stefan Forster
  • Certified technical business economist IHK: Peter Gentzwein
  • Certified industrial line manager specialising in electrical engineering: Thomas Promberger
  • Certified technician specialising in mechanical engineering: Patrick Decker
  • Certified industrial line manager specialising in metal: Matthias Singer


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