F.EE donation makes for big children's eyes

Übergabe Krippenwagen Kindergrippe Schwarzhofen F.EE

The little ones at Schwarzhofen's "Schwarzachtal Kindergarten" are particularly looking forward to their first big outing in the new smart wagon: a new motorized wagon has been purchased for the newly established kindergarten group - which was added to the kindergarten in September 2022. There is now room for a total of six children in the large red wagon, which also offers a shading option in strong sunlight. This means that nothing now stands in the way of longer walks and outings.

Gerlinde Fleischmann, managing director of the F.EE group of companies, personally saw the great vehicle for herself during a visit and wished the children "a good trip all the time" and lots of fun on all their outings. The head of the kindergarten, Marion Weiß, and the group leader of the group, Katrin Schymala, expressed their sincere thanks for the extremely generous donation.

According to the motto "Donations instead of gifts", we do without customer gifts every year and support a wide variety of projects with this budget. The children are thrilled with their new car and have already made themselves comfortable inside for a trial run so that they are well prepared for the exciting trips into the countryside.

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