F.EE supports water rescue and safety team with a Christmas donation

The board members of the water rescue and safety team Neunburg v W. Stefan Dirnberger (left) and Sebastian Schleicher with F.EE Managing Director Gerlinde Fleischmann.

For many years, F.EE has been refraining from giving Christmas presents to customers and donating the budget for charitable projects and organizations - whether regional, national or international. That is why this year the local section of the water rescue and safety team Neunburg vorm Wald can especially look forward to Christmas. F.EE supports the team with 12,500 euros for the investment in a necessary new emergency vehicle including its equipment (blue light and radio technology). This is an important investment for the Team, which has to cover the area of ​​the entire administrative community Neunburg vorm Wald. The water rescue and safety team has several scuba divers and, in present times, has to be able to react more flexibly and faster in an emergency, for example if the team is requested in assistance from another region and at the same time an emergency call arrives from within the home area. Out of the hands of F.EE Managing Director Gerlinde Fleischmann, the first board member Stefan Dirnberger and the second board member Sebastian Schleicher received the symbolic check for the donation in the week before Christmas and thanked her warmly.

The second part of this years F.EE Christmas donation (2,500 Euro) will go to the "Leon Heart Foundation for Kids", which directly and sustainably supports children and adolescents in social and medical institutions around the world and works for better living conditions of children in many different projects.

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