F.EE the best training organisation for the fourth time in succession

The graduates with trainers, management and personnel management of the F.EE company group.

On the 8th April 2016, the F.EE graduates from the winter proficiency examination were honoured within the framework of a ceremony. For the fourth time in succession, the company from Neunburg was recognised with the award for “best training organisation in the vocation electronics technician for automation technology” by the municipal trades association for northern Upper Palatinate.

A total of 19 young employees were able to successfully complete their training as a technical product designer (specialising in machine and systems construction), electronics technician (specialising in automation technology) and precision mechanic (specialising in machinery construction) at F.EE, and thereby lay the cornerstone for their professional future. At the ceremony, personnel director Udo Starck was able to welcome not only the training graduates but also the three managing directors of the F.EE company group and the training managers for the respective vocational fields. He applauded the good results of the trainees and recognised these with a certificate and a small gift. “In times of a skills shortage, motivated and skilled employees form the basis for the success of a company. With your exceptional performance and outstanding commitment during your training, you have demonstrated your skills and motivation in an exemplary manner”, he informed the graduates. He also thanked the trainers, who likewise make a major contribution to their wards successfully completing their training courses. Staff at F.EE are also delighted with the accolade from the municipal trades association for northern Upper Palatinate, as the “best training organisation in the vocation electronics technician for automation technology”, which the Neunburg company has received on the basis of the exceptional overall average grades of the graduates for the fourth time in succession, and which was accepted by training manager Thomas Schmid on the 13th March in Weiden. “This underlines the consistently high quality of training at F.EE”, said personnel director Starck. Particularly noteworthy here are the performances of Manuel Brolich and Martin Glogger, who completed their training as electronics technician and technical product designer with the grade “very good”. Manuel Brolich was also named top participant in the proficiency examination for the training vocation electronics technician (for automation technology) by the municipal trades association for northern Upper Palatinate. Managing director Hans Fleischmann was also delighted with the outstanding performances of the trainees. “The results and awards confirm the company philosophy with regards to training, in which we convey not only sound specialist skills and knowledge, but also place major importance on the personal and individual advancement of the young employees through specific courses and early integration in projects. However, it is also necessary to further expand this area, which is why we at F.EE offer not only further development through dual vocational training, but also dual study courses and in particular courses with in-depth practice elements. Only with qualified specialist workers is it possible to exist in the global competition of today”, sums up Fleischmann.

The training graduates:

  • Technical product designer: Johannes Bauer, Martin Glogger and Christina Gradl.
  • Electronics technician (specialising in automation technology): Manuel Brolich, Ben Braungardt, Manuel Kahler, Franziska Reitinger, Martin Rötzer, Michael Sinzger and Sebastian Wagner.
  • Precision mechanic: Florian Guha, Dominik Ippisch, Christoph Karg, Barbara Lippert, Markus Matzke, Phillipp Müller, Julian Paulig, Markus Stubenvoll and Tobias Süß.

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