F.EE vaccination campaign moves forward

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Impfung einer F.EE Mitarbeiterin durch den Betriebsarzt Dr. Schwarz
[Translate to EN:] Impfung einer F.EE-Mitarbeiterin durch den Betriebsarzt Dr. Schwarz.
Aufklärungsgespräch durch den ausführenden Betriebsarzt Dr. Schwarz
[Translate to EN:] Aufklärungsgespräch durch den ausführenden Betriebsarzt Dr. Schwarz.
Impfzentrum in der F.EE Kantine
[Translate to EN:] Umsetzung der Impfaktion in der F.EE-Kantine.

This week, the F.EE company group was able to organize another vaccination campaign with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for around 80 employees and their relatives. Already at the beginning of March, a survey was conducted among employees to determine who was interested in being vaccinated. Then, in April, 170 vaccination volunteers were vaccinated with AstraZeneca's vaccine by the company's long-time doctor, Dr. Schwarz. After the prioritization of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine , which is now also available to people under 60 years of age after medical education and individual risk acceptance, was lifted, our employees and their relatives were able to voluntarily register for the vaccination on May 31, 2021. As the relevant vaccination instructions and information and medical history forms had already been sent to the individuals concerned the day before, the vaccinations were able to take place quickly and smoothly in a 4-minute cycle after a brief information session. Both vaccination appointments were carried out by Dr. Schwarz, who was available to us in his capacity as a panel doctor, in the F.EE canteen, which had been specially converted for this purpose.

As company doctors will be involved in the vaccination campaign from 07 June 2021, F.EE employees will also be offered an mRNA vaccine in a timely manner. According to F.EE Managing Director Gerlinde Fleischmann, however, it is unclear at this point how many vaccine doses will be allocated to individual company physicians in the coming weeks. Thus, it will likely be several more weeks before an offer can be made to all those in the F.EE workforce who are willing to be vaccinated.

"I am extremely grateful to Dr. Schwarz and his team for taking on this extra strain - even on their weekend off. We attach a very great deal of importance to vaccinations on the road to a return to some degree of normality - and I am very pleased that Dr. Schwarz will continue to support our vaccination campaign to the best of his ability," concludes Gerlinde Fleischmann.

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