Ju-Jutsu fighters happy about donation

Uebergabe Mattenwagen

On the mat, ready, go! On the occasion of a small donation handover, the Judo/Ju-Jutsu department of the 1. FC Neunburg vorm Wald - represented by head Thomas Schmid, treasurer Gabriele Götz as well as some youngsters of the club - visited the company headquarters of the F.EE group of companies. 

Here, F.EE Managing Director Gerlinde Fleischmann presented a donation in kind in the form of a mat trolley, continuing the established tradition of supporting voluntary organizations and charitable projects from the region. 

The special feature of the mat trolley that was handed over was that it was completely designed, constructed and made from aluminum profiles by the mechanical engineering division of the automation specialist from Neunburg. 

Thomas Schmid, who is employed as a training manager in the area "electronics" at F.EE, thanked the management with the following words for the support: "It is always nice when especially local companies support the various clubs that try to make a significant contribution to society with their work - be it through monetary or material donations." 

At the end, the young ju-jutsu fighters received a small additional gift to take home. 

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