Naab Werkstätten on a visit at the F.EE group

The group of visitors from the Naab Werkstätten with F.EE management and employees.

At the end of April, a 25-strong group from the Naab Werkstätten in Schwandorf - consisting of employees, Managing Director Margit Gerber and department and group managers - travelled to Neunburg vom Wald to pay a visit to the F.EE group of companies. Both companies looked back on decades of successful cooperation.
On arrival in Neunburg, the visitors were warmly welcomed by F.EE Managing Director Gerlinde Fleischmann, before an interesting and varied tour of the company followed through the production halls of the mechanical engineering division. Naab-Werkstätten and F.EE have been working together for many years, dating back to 1998. "On 27 April 2004 - 20 years ago - the assembly department at Naab-Werkstätten received the first F.EE order," explained the responsible group manager, Konrad Irlbacher. The activities carried out by the Naab workshops for F.EE range from packaging and assembly work to the pre-assembly of smaller components and the production of turned and milled parts, disposable pallets and squared timber. In addition to the assembly area, the carpentry and metal production departments, whose department manager Matthias Luber also took part in the factory tour, are therefore also among the suppliers of the Neunburg automation specialist. As part of the tour, the intended uses of the products manufactured by the Naab workshops, which are used in safety fence production, handle column assembly and robot grippers, among other things, were also explained. The participants were impressed by the size and vertical range of manufacture of the F.EE "Automation Robotics" division and Managing Director Margit Gerber expressed her sincere thanks for the interesting look behind the scenes of Neunburg's largest employer. The visit ended on a relaxed note over lunch together in the F.EE canteen and it was agreed that the successful collaboration would continue in the coming years.

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