Oustanding final results celebrated

The honoured training and further education graduates of the F.EE company group, together with the company management, personnel director and trainers.

On Wednesday 30 August, an internal ceremony was conducted by the F.EE company group from Neunburg vorm Wald. Among the many outstanding training and further development qualifications that were honoured by the personnel and company management, one of the business administrators and foreign language correspondents stood out in particular, with the vocational school providing special recognition for the excellent final grade.

A total of eleven employees were distinguished at the ceremony - six for their successful training, five for their further education - at the headquarters of the company group, and they celebrated the results of their final examinations together with the trainers, as well as personnel director Udo Starck and company founder Hans Fleischmann.

In his address, Starck emphasized the new features of the training concept, which were newly and additionally introduced around three years ago when the recently honoured employees initially embarked on their training. Since then, every year the new trainees visit a large automotive factory together on their first day, where they get to know the F.EE technology in use there, take part in team training sessions and participate in etiquette courses and seminars on healthy nutrition. “Thanks to your hard work and dedication - during both the training courses and in the day-release and full-time further education courses - you have seamlessly joined a series of exceptional graduation years, which are a lengthy tradition in the various vocations at F.EE”, said the personnel director in congratulating the employees.

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