Renewed award: Germany's best training company 2019

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F.EE is test winner in training for the second time

Where will the skilled workers of tomorrow be trained particularly well and which companies are the leaders in terms of training in their industry in Germany? From January to December 2018, the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) in Hamburg was commissioned by Deutschland Test and the magazine FOCUS Money to investigate these questions once again. Anyone who has any idea how difficult it is to defend a title here will pay particular attention to the result, which was officially published at the end of March, in the Automation Technology category: In Neunburg v. W., the F.EE Group can be pleased about the second consecutive award as test winner in the Germany-wide study.

The 20,000 companies with the highest number of employees in Germany were tested in five thematic blocks on the basis of a questionnaire and an extensive evaluation of internet sources (social listening). The test topics were training success, structural data, training quota, training remuneration and additional offers. The points resulting from the questionnaires and social listening were weighted at a ratio of 25 to 75 percent. The calculation then took place on a scale of 0 to 100 points, with the industry winners receiving the maximum value of 100 points and setting the benchmark. The winners included well-known company names such as Siemens, WMF, Adidas and Microsoft. The detailed list of results is available online at

"To become the test winner in our industry twice in a row is certainly not a matter of course. This shows us that our continuing goal of offering outstanding training in every year is right and that the efforts in terms of training are worthwhile. This also pays off for us as a company in the long term", said F.EE founder Hans Fleischmann. "The training and study graduates of our eight training courses and the three technically oriented dual study courses have the best chances of being at the cutting edge of technology in the field of exciting future technologies.

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