Start of training in a special year

Group photo of trainees at F.EE 2020
The new trainees and dual students of the F.EE Group.

"This year we are giving everything and a little bit more to give you a very good start into this new phase of your life, which is so important for you, despite the pandemic! With these words F.EE head of human resources Udo Starck welcomed the enthusiastic 2020 training class at the beginning of the kick-off event on September 1 at F.EE.

You could tell from some details that this year was a bit different than usual. The distance rule prevented the parents of the newcomers from being invited to the event, unlike the usual practice, so that they could get a complete picture of the training company thanks to the presentation and management. When and where masks have to be worn and what rules there are for hygiene were also part of the detailed information session, in addition, of course, to everything important about training, the company and vocational school.

Franz Weinzierl, technical managing director at F.EE, also addressed greetings to the 27 F.EE starter and congratulated them not only on their successful graduation, but also sent his congratulations to parents, siblings and teachers for this joint  success. "We are very pleased that you have chosen us and that you are now part of the great F.EE family", Weinzierl continued. The F.EE time may not be limited to the training for them, but may lead to a positive further development within the exciting jobs at F.EE.

This year' s apprenticeships include electronics engineers and precision mechanics, Technical product designers, IT specialists and industrial clerks. In the dual study programs, there are starters in the courses of mechatronics and computer science.

The application period for the start of training next year, September 2021, has already started again. Those interested can find all necessary information on the F.EE career pages.

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