Top grades honoured

The honoured education and training graduates of the F.EE Group as well as management, personnel management and trainers.

Udo Starck, Human Resources Manager of the F.EE Group, summed it up right from the start: For him, the honours for the employees who have successfully completed their training and further education are always one of the best dates of the year. That was because one could see such great successes on this occasion.

Exactly these successes, namely in the form of fantastic final grades, were also celebrated this time when at the beginning of September a total of eleven trainees and dual students as well as three further education graduates were honoured by the management for their degrees. In his speech, Starck not only thanked them for their great commitment, but also the trainers for their efforts. Among other things, the participants were particularly pleased with the very strong graduation year of the dual students in mechatronics, who completed their studies at the Technology Campus in Cham. In recent years, F.EE has regularly been the company with the highest number of dual students in mechatronics there. This year they were all able to come up with very good grades in their bachelor thesis, the best of which was Marco Melzer with a 1.0.

For further top marks there were twice extra praise and congratulations from the management: Ramon Beer scored a 1 in his final exam for IT specialist in system integration and received the vocational school recognition "excellent degree from the vocational school" with a grade point average of 1.2.  Christoph Drexler received the same recognition thanks to his grade point average of 1.0 in the class of electronics technicians specializing in automation technology.

After the ceremonial handover of certificates and gifts, they gathered for lunch in the F.EE canteen and reviewed the exciting time of training and further education together.

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