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The new training year 2016 for F.EE


Shortly before 9.00 am on Thursday 01.09.2016, in Industriestraße, Neunburg vorm Wald: In the 8,500 m² switchgear cabinet production centre of the F.EE company group – the heart of the business division for electrical engineering and the home of trainee electronic technicians – the personnel and events team had assumed their position in the starting blocks. The first new members of the F.EE family met - together with their parents, who had also been invited - for the first exciting working day of their working life. After initial photo opportunities, personnel director Udo Starck welcomed the 33 new trainees in his opening speech, of which 22 were embarking on industrial/technical training vocations and 11 were starting dual studies.

In addition to the previously mentioned electronics technicians for automation technology, from the start of 2016 F.EE is training IT specialists specialising in system integration, precision mechanics specialising in machine construction and machining, as well as industrial electricians and technical product designers. A pleasingly large number of mechatronics technicians with in-depth practice are embarking on the dual studies. They will be spending their study time at the Technologie Campus Cham, with which the company group has been working in close cooperation in recent years. Added to this come dual students training as IT specialists specialising in application development, and - for the first time in 2016 - the dual course in commercial and service management.

“We are delighted to have been able to extend our programme and thereby further expand the range of vocational training and course possibilities at F.EE this year. This is important in order to stay attractive to the next generation of young people in our home and region, and to remain appealing as an employer. Great that we have succeeded year after year in achieving excellent training results borne on our success”, says personnel director Udo Starck. And he is also delighted that the technical training vocations at F.EE are not only occupied by male trainees. For example, 30 percent of new trainees in the vocation of precision mechanic are female.

Following an informative tour of the company for the parents and the important information initially required for their everyday working lives, the trainees sat down together for lunch, at which point the parents said their goodbyes. The trainees still had quite a lot to do on their first day: A bus took them, their training and support staff to the BMW plant in Dingolfing - the largest automobile factory in Europe. In order to provide the young trainees with an initial insight into the product worlds and service areas of the company group from the outset, they were first taken on a comprehensive tour through the site of the F.EE customer, and with this through the heart of the exciting world of technology of industrial automation. Brimming with new impressions, the youngest members of the F.EE family were taken back to their new place of work that evening.


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