Typing campaign at F.EE - "Donations instead of gifts"

[Translate to English:] Typisierungsaktion bei F.EE

he F.EE Group is organizing a typing campaign at the company headquarters in Neunburg vorm Wald from 7 to 9 December. The offer is aimed at people between the ages of 17 and 55 who are not yet registered in the DKMS donor database and who can be typed free of charge and without registration.

"When you consider that a person is diagnosed with blood cancer every 27 seconds worldwide and only around a third of patients find a donor in their own family, you realize how quickly you or someone close to you can be in need of a stem cell transplant," says F.EE Managing Director Gerlinde Fleischmann.

In order for those affected to have a chance of finding their "genetic twin" - whose tissue characteristics almost match their own - as many people as possible must register as potential stem cell donors in the DKMS database. "That's one reason why we decided to organize the campaign," explains Fleischmann. The costs of 40 euros per typing are covered by F.EE.

Another reason for the campaign, according to Fleischmann, is that several F.EE employees have already donated stem cells, which raises awareness of the issue time and again. One of these is F.EE project manager Marcel Kopp, who became a lifesaver for a sick person from Slovakia for the second time this year.

He registered for an earlier F.EE typing campaign and was soon considered as a potential donor. After a few examinations such as blood tests and an ECG at his GP's and, in particular, at the donation clinic, the actual donation took place in the form of a blood sample once a suitable match had been made.

"The procedure is not dramatic. The only short-term side effects I experienced were slight bone pain - comparable to sore muscles - and a little tiredness. It wasn't just the fact that I could save a life that persuaded me to get typed. You can be affected yourself at any time and it is an advantage if as many people as possible are registered," says Kopp.

Typing will take place at the F.EE company headquarters (In der Seugn 20) at the following times:

  • Thursday, 07.12.: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m
  • Friday, 08.12.: 13.00 to 16.00 hrs
  • Saturday, 09.12.: 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Further information at www.fee.de/typisierungsaktion.


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