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Opportunities for university drop-outs (m/f/d)

Adiós uni – Job ahoy!

If a university course is not quite right for you then you have many other possibilities. Have the courage to start something new that suits you. Ideally in the secure environment of one of the most sought-after family companies in Germany.

Did you somehow expect something different from your course, and you’re now realising that the decision to study at uni was not exactly the happiest of choices?

Perhaps the course itself was just the wrong one, or maybe you were simply born for the world outside academia.

If this is the case then utilise the diverse opportunities that an everyday job without a university course can offer you. Things will be rather less theoretical here, but you will instead discover a whole lot more about “real life” every day.


Don’t rack your brain all semester long about what to do now - try out the ideal alternative for you!

Think about what you really want to do - because an uncompleted course alone is not a disaster. At F.EE we are the pros when it comes to professional everyday life, and we can always offer an alternative career path to those with a technical interest. Be it in a customer-facing role on location at the sites of our clients around the world, or here at the heart of Upper Palatinate.


Have courage - find out what really inspires you and works for you. Then make it your thing. Because it only needs to suit you!

For alternative options feel free to approach us directly, so that we can help you to make conclusive decisions - be it in favour of dual training or direct entry to the workplace. Make us your coach and make yourself the winner!


Your career starts with a supported induction phase (shadowing) lasting a number of months in the F.EE production areas. Here, you demonstrate your technical interest - whereby we do require certain things from you - for example practicality when working with leading-edge control systems and control technology. Then things really get going - initially still with support from an experienced project leader - in a real ongoing project. So that you grow quickly and simply beyond yourself and into the responsibility of your exciting role.


For first questions do not hesitate to contact Mr Starck.

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Udo Starck, Personnel director