F.EE programming course at Waldmünchen schools

F.EE-LOGO-Programmierkurs Realschule Walmünchen
Photo: Realschule Waldmünchen.
LOGO-Programmierkurs an Mittelschule Waldmünchen
Photo: Middle school Waldmünchen, Kathrin Roßmann.

F.EE programming course at the Waldmünchen Realschule 

The students of the 9th grade at the Realschule Waldmünchen were able to enjoy a special kind of instruction day in mid-April. 30 young people from the mathematics and science elective group took up this year's offer to participate in a "LOGO! Programming Course".  
Already last year, Thomas Schmid, electronics training manager at the F.EE group of companies in Neunburg vorm Wald, was a guest at the school for the implementation of the course and was allowed to repeat his visit this year due to the positive response. Schmid was supported by David Beier, who is currently completing an apprenticeship as an electronics technician at F.EE himself.  
Together, they taught the interested participants the basics of a programmable logic controller (PLC), as it is used in the field of automation technology for production plants or hydroelectric power plants, among others. 
Of course, there was no shortage of practical experience: The students were able to try out the programming software "LOGO!" for themselves on the PCs with the help of the two course instructors and, at the same time, immerse themselves in a subsection of the working world of an electronics technician for automation and systems technology using many practical examples and tasks. 
At the end of the workshop, the young people, who again this year expressed their positive opinion of the interesting course, received their well-deserved certificates of participation and gifts from the hands of the F.EE instructors.


Waldmünchen middle school students complete F.EE programming course 

In mid-April, the 8th grade students at the Schwarzachtal Middle School in Waldmünchen had a special day of instruction on their schedule. For six school hours, they completed a "LOGO! programming course", which was taught by Thomas Schmid - training manager in the area of electronics at the automation specialist F.EE in Neunburg - organized together with the apprentice David Beier at the school. 
Schmid, who has already held several programming workshops at the school in the past, was able to give the 21 interested participants an insight into the field of activity of an electronics technician for automation and system technology in a routine and clear manner. 
The young people not only learned how a programmable logic controller (PLC) works and its field of application - e.g. in production plants or hydroelectric power plants in the automation sector. Together with the course instructors, they also took the opportunity to use the programming software "LOGO!" on their own PCs and to deepen their knowledge by means of several practical examples and tasks.  
In addition to a multitude of newly gained exciting impressions, the students also took home certificates of participation as well as gifts from the hands of the two F.EE course instructors at the end of the event.

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