F.EE best training company for the eighth time

Ehrung der F.EE Aus- und Weiterbildungsabsolvent*innen

At the end of April, the F.EE group of companies had every reason to celebrate: At an event held at the company's headquarters in Neunburg vorm Wald, not only were several employees honored for their outstanding training and university degrees. Equally great was the joy about the renewed award of the family business as "Best training company in the vocational field of electronics technician - automation and systems engineering" of Kreishandwerkerschaft Nordoberpfalz.

Together with the entire management team and the trainers, head of human resources Udo Starck welcomed a total of 29 employees from a wide range of professions – including 21 apprentices and nine dual university graduates – who are now able to start their new careers as skilled workers without any problems thanks to their practice-oriented training.

"I want to commend and recognize you for your outstanding performance and graduation - despite numerous COVID-related vagaries within your training/study period," Starck said.

He particularly highlighted the performance of five graduates, who each received recognition for their very good training qualifications from the vocational school. A full ten of the young professionals also completed their training or dual studies with an A before the decimal point. 
In his address, the HR manager also emphasized the continuous development of the training and study concept, which has been established at the automation specialist since 1988. Its success is reflected both in the numerous top results and in the title of "Best Training Company in the Vocational Field of Electronics Technician - Automation and Systems Technology", which Electronics Training Manager Thomas Schmid was able to receive for the eighth time from the Kreishandwerkerschaft Nordoberpfalz in the Max Reger Hall in Weiden.
After the presentation of certificates and gifts by the F.EE management, the ceremony ended in a relaxed atmosphere with a joint lunch in the company's own canteen.

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