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Business WLAN – flexible, scalable, secure

With Aerohive, ensure simple and central management of the company WLAN.

At the present time, small and medium-sized companies, as well as hotels and hotspot operators in the restaurant and retail sector frequently only have a choice between solutions that offer them either too many or too few functions for the operation of their WLAN infrastructure. However, in all cases the firm desires a WLAN network that is well conceived and established on a stable and secure basis.

Our system house closes this loophole for you, thanks to the new Aerohive Connect, which is available for ultra-modern and compact hardware, as well as centralised and user-friendly management at an affordable price.

A possible entry level package consists of one or more so-called company class Access Points – e.g. the AP130 and the software “HiveManager Connect”, with which you manage your network. In this way it is possible to keep the WLAN performance constantly high and stable, even in environments with a high device density, with many different consumers or in expansive company halls.

On request, F.EE will plan your new or expanded WLAN infrastructure and put it into operation!


  • Low procurement and operating expenses with uncompromisingly high quality.
  • Rapid setup and intuitive design and management.
  • Simple scaling, first-class support and seamless upgrades.
  • Detailed user profile management, e.g. mobility and security guidelines per user.
  • High degree of security thanks to hardware-based storage and encryption of codes.

Our contact persons will be happy to produce the right quotations for your Business WLAN solution - according to unit quantity, need and requirement.

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