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The end of ISDN is coming in 2018 – You can change your telephone system over to the new IP standard in good time, right now.

By the end of 2018, German Telekom has switched the entire German telephone network over to the new IP standard “All-IP”. ISDN is a thing of the past. We perform inventory taking within your company, present the possibilities and take care of the rest as quickly as possible - because All-IP brings a whole host of new advantages with it.

What is IP telephony?
Voice over IP and internet or IP telephony are essentially the same thing. In each case, an Internet Protocol (IP) ensures that speech, fax and video communication operate via the internet (high-speed DSL broadband connections) rather than the public telephone network.

What possibilities are there with existing ISDN multi-device connections and telephone systems?
The first option exists in continued use with the help of a so-called All-IP media gateway. Alternatively, it is possible to replace the existing system and thereby the integration of an All-IP communication solution for speech and data. In this case, the be.IP plus device developed by the telecommunications cooperation partner bintec elmeg will replace the former ISDN system.

Advantages of the bintec elmeg solution

  • Telephone and internet via a single line.
  • Reduced connection and maintenance requirements.
  • All devices operate in a single system.
  • Support of analogue, ISDN and IP devices.
  • As a telephone system, suitable for use by up to 40 end devices.
  • Manufacturer-independent operation.

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