40 years F.EE

Stories of our employees

Like many great companies, it all started in a garage!

2022 marks F.EE's 40th anniversary - and today we would like to introduce one of our longest-serving employees: Max has been with us for more than 35 years and has thus witnessed the development of F.EE almost from the very beginning.

Max, how did you actually come to F.EE?

Max: I first did an apprenticeship as an "energy system electronics technician" and then attended the technical secondary school before I did my military service. I came to F.EE - or at that time it was still "Fleischmann Elektromontagen" - via the employment agency. After a description of what I wanted to do, I got the telephone number of Hans Fleischmann.

Can you still remember your start at F.EE?

Max: But of course! I had my job interview at the first production site of F.EE - in the small town "Stetten" near Neunburg vorm Wald. That was on a Friday. On Saturday morning I accepted. In the evening Hans called me back with the answer: "Pack your suitcase for one week. On Monday morning at 4:00 a.m. I'll pick you up, and we'll go to Antwerp for the commissioning."

You've arrived pretty quickly at your day-to-day job. How can we imagine your tasks or the work processes in the first time at F.EE?

Max: In the beginning, Hans and I were just the two of us and drew all the templates, plans, etc. by hand and had them copied in the copy store. Then we went with the plan across the yard into the "garage", where we assembled the first switch cabinets ourselves. At times, a colleague helped us with the assembly and soon two more joined us. The first move has especially stayed in my mind: After a few projects involving planning, control cabinet construction and commissioning, I spent a long time away from home working for customers. Shortly before my return, I learned in a telephone conversation with Hans that we had moved from Stetten to Schwarzhofen in the meantime.

How did the company develop in the first few years?

Max: The company grew and so did the orders. Of course, the structural changes were also impressive. It never took long before the newly gained space was gone again and everything was too cramped. Almost every year, an extension was due "In der Seugn" in Neunburg vorm Wald. Among other things, a part of the mountain on which our company headquarters is located was blown away for the expansion of the production of our business unit "Automation Robotics", which was also a big milestone in the constructional development. The next step was the reconstruction and the occupation of the control cabinet production center in a newly purchased production hall.

Interview Max Stangl 40 Jahre F.EE

Employees at F.EE - and their stories

35 years is an incredibly long time. What stations have you passed through at F.EE?

Max: In the early days, my main tasks were electrical planning and documentation with installation and commissioning on site - mainly in Germany, Belgium and Italy. At times I also did plan translations and article maintenance for documentation, later my main task was plan revisions. In the course of time, I was able to get to know many areas and activities.

And what are you currently doing?

Max: For about four years, I have been doing the clarification and electrical representation of the cable assembly for the 7th axes of our "Automation Robotics" business unit.

Employees at F.EE - and their stories

We would like to thank Max for his time and are looking forward to the next stories of our colleagues!