Hydropower projects

Soğukpınar, Turkey

F.EE is general contractor for a cascade of new power plants in Turkey.

Nestled between the bay of İzmit and the İznik lake are the Samanlı mountains. They are located 80 km south-east of Istanbul in the Marmara region in western Turkey. The main focus of the operator ISU is actually the water supply of the population. For this purpose the raw drinking water is collected from the mountains and piped through 16 km long pipelines with diameters of up to 900 mm down to the province of Kocaeli, near the town of Izmit. With drop heights of 37, 197 and 375 metres, electricity can also be generated here. At the beginning of 2020, the four-stage power plant Soğukpınar is to officially go into operation. Pelton and Francis turbines with a maximum flow rate of 700 l/s will be integrated into the pipelines at several points for this purpose. As general contractor, the F.EE Group carries out the automation technology, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as medium-voltage technology and also supplies the turbines and generators. Bypass lines were provided to ensure the water supply even when the turbines were at a standstill. The cascade of fully automated hydropower plants will generate 6 GWh of clean electricity per year. The project is supervised by the F.EE branch office in İzmit on site.

Project data

  • Soğukpınar drinking water power plants 1, 2 und 3.
  • Turbines: 1 x Francis 231 kW, 1 x Pelton 872 kW, 1 x Pelton 663 kW.
  • Heads: 37 m, 197 m, 375 m.
  • Flow rates: 700 l/s, 500 l/s, 200 l/s.
  • Control: S7-1500.
  • Visualization: fe.screen.

Control cabinet construction

All hydropower control cabinets are produced in our own production centre in Neunburg v. W.

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