Hydropower projects

Wahnhausen and Werrawerk, Germany

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The Wahnhausen power plant is located with the sluice on the Fulda weir, Wahnhausen. F.EE modernised the complete automation and electrical technology at the Wahnhausen power plant. Particularly interesting here is the replacement of the power electronics, the control engineering and the static excitation with retention of the existing current and voltage transformers, as well as the high availability of this new static excitation device.

For the Werrawerk at Hann. Münden, F.EE supplied the new OW/Q-controller following the modification of the weir system, and established the communication with the existing power plant controller. The connection with the existing telecontrol system took place in accordance with the telecontrol protocol per IEC 60870-5-104.

Technical data for Wahnhausen:
A 4 MW Kaplan shaft turbine drives a statically excited synchronous three-phase machine via the directly coupled vertical shaft.

Technical data for Werrawerk:
The power plant output of 2.6 MW is transferred from three Kaplan-S turbines to three synchronous three-phase machines via gears. Two new weir fields, each with a hydraulically actuated segment gate with mounted weir trap, act to dam the water in case of high water or flooding.

Control cabinet construction

All hydropower control cabinets are produced in our own production centre in Neunburg v. W.

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