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Meitingen, Germany

As general contractor, the complete order for the modernisation in Meitingen also included the complete modernisation of the Langweid power station and the partial modernisation of the weir system and Gersthofen power plant.

With the construction of a three kilometre long channel parallel to the Lech, the origins of the Lech Canal were established in 1901, together with the Gersthofen power station. Today, the canal stretches 18 kilometres from Gersthofen to Meitingen. During the time that followed, two further Lech Canal power stations were built - the Langweid (1907) and Meitingen (1922) power stations. Each of these is now set to undergo extensive modernisation in succession, according to plans by Bayerische Elektrizitätswerke GmbH (BEW), a 100% subsidiary of Lechwerke AG (LEW) based in Augsburg.
Meitingen (installed capacity: 11,640 kW), alongside Langweid, is the first Lech Canal power station to receive a comprehensive retrofit. The power plant, which is equipped with Francis turbines, is the second oldest of the BEW power stations on the Lech and takes top spot when it comes to annual power generation. In Gersthofen, where Kaplan turbines are in use, F.EE will be additionally modifying the bypass control and a head water flow rate controller, as well as the superimposed QW/Q control for the entire Lech Canal.   Find out more

Project data

  • Head: 13 metres.
  • Flow rate: 3 x 43 m³/s.
  • Turbines: 3 x twin-Francis, each 4,500 kW.
  • Control: 5x S7-400, 2x S7-300.
  • Operating and monitoring system: 2 x Siemens WinCC Professional in redundant design.

Control cabinet construction

All hydropower control cabinets are produced in our own production centre in Neunburg v. W.

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