Hydropower projects

Offingen, Germany

During the period from 2007 to 2013, the electrical systems were replaced in a total of ten weir systems on the lower Lech and the Upper Danube.

The weirs are driven with one open winch on the left and right respectively. One common chain respectively transfers the adjustment to a segment gate and mounted weir trap. The open winches, which were previously driven by an electrical shaft, have been adjusted by means of synchronisation control and frequency converter since the replacement works. The extremely high availability of the weir systems is achieved primarily through a bypass control of the drives, ring topology of the communication network used, and the star configuration power supplies fed from both banks. 

Project data

  • Three weir fields per weir system with segment gate and fishbelly gate.
  • Max. flow rate per weir field 500 – 700 m³/s.
  • Frequency converter-regulated synchronous control for the open winch drive on both sides.

Control cabinet construction

All hydropower control cabinets are produced in our own production centre in Neunburg v. W.

To control cabinet construction

Mitarbeiter Schaltschrankverdrahtung

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